Tsavo west national park was established in 1948, it is the second national park to be established after Nairobi, national park, Praise to the decision-makers of the day.

Today citizens and conservationists around the world are proud to own such massive land secured for the protection of wild flora and fauna.

Tourists around the world have been upbeat to visit this countryside.

Tsavos’re just metered apart from each other being divided by Nairobi Mombasa road, making it Tsavo East and West respectively, the two parts are equated to the size of Israel, Tsavo west covers and area of 9600kmsq stretching towards the south to the Tanzanian border.

Tsavo West is the home of man-eating lions and ancient  Lava, the man-eating  Lions terrorized the Indian coolies who were constructing the Kenya Uganda railway in the 1800s, Volcanic activities witnessed in the park especially the shetani lava flow, flowing in the western part of the park, undulating hills, Mziima and  Iitilal spring at Finch Hatton’s camp qualify the brand the land of Ancient Lava and man-eating lions.

Tsavo West is managed by Kenya wildlife service, Kenya’s wildlife agency, the park offers you a wide range of options, the reasons why Tsavo is your destination of choice.


Tsavo west national park is 250km from MSA/NBO, by road if from Mombasa or Nairobi.

Approximately 90km from Amboseli national park.

By air, 45 minutes from Wilson airport Nairobi Landing at Kamboyo airstrip, Kilaguni airstrip, or Finch hattonts airstrip depending on the airline pick and drop program.

Kilaguni airstrip

Southern cross dropping clients at Tsavo West.


Tsavo west national park offers unique attractions unlike other destinations in Kenya, rare picturesque, undulating landscape, rustic vast land dotted with baobab and acacia trees.

Main attractions include the following.


Itinerary without Mzima springs is alien,  Gallons of crystal clear water gushing from the lava flow feeding the Tsavo river is super thrilling, Even as you walk down the trails before entering the glass-bottomed hut.

At this hut, you will get a glimpse of fish feeding on hippos dung, Crocs basking or swimming in the water, Giant kingfishers, African fish Eagle, Pied kingfishers, and commorants hunting for fish.

At Mzima Springs, the food circle is so elaborate, the smelly tall Yellow-backed acacia, sausage trees among other trees blend your nature walk.


Volcanic activities in Tsavo west

Klipspringer enjoying the view

Rustic flows from a distance, the black lava flowing from the foothills of chyulu touching the western side of Tsavo towards Azima springs and to the edges where Finch Hatton’s camp is nestled, tourists visit this point to capture the rare opportunities offered here, just a km from here are the chyulu caves, formed by lava tubes, one is 36m long but the other which is not accessible is not known.

At this place, you will encounter thousands of bats hanging under the roof of the cave.

Other activities around shetani lava include hiking, towards the mother hill where the volcanic eruptions took place 400yrs plus ago.

Roaring rocks, What about bush breakfast or bush dinner in the wild, Roaring rocks in Tsavo west is one of its kind, your lodge can arrange such opportunities if you are within this vicinity, wild echoes fill the air on this place, sunset on a clear day is extremely exciting.

For photographers, the place is picturesque, Ngulia hills, Chyulu hills, Chaimu hills can be captured nicely.

Five sisters hills.

These are hills near Kilaguni lodge and Mzima springs, Well arranged hills. Nature walks and hikes can be arranged with a ranger.

Maneaters caves, The caves are 200m from Tsavo river gate, you will be able to connect with the history of the man-eating lions of Tsavo and how they conflicted with the Railway line constructors in the late 1800s.


Many sites have been noted in Tsavo west, Forts, Rhodesia bridge, murka, and Salaita. war cemeteries in the neighborhoods of Tsavo, Maktau, Taita taveta, and Voi war cemetery.


National Museum of Kenya and nature Kenya every year joined with other bird enthusiasts set for Tsavo west to do bird ringing at Ngulia, an exercise that is so thrilling, thousands of birds have been ringed here and others that we’re ringed elsewhere have been recorded, this is because Ngulia is one of the flyways in Kenya.

Are you an ornithologist? This is the place to be next time.


Lake Jipe is in the southern sector of the park bordering Tanzania, Elephants stream to the lake every day, foraging on papyrus reeds, cooling off, and quenching their thirst, The shoreline is full of activities.

It’s also a bird watchers paradise.

If you love boating rides here is the place, love camping along shores, this is the place, Hippos come out to forage at night or during the day to bask.

From a distance at this point, is pare hills, the sunset in the evening at the shore is exceptional.


Every traveler needs a place to stay, home away from home, Tsavo west offers you a wide range of accommodation facilities.

Ngulia Lodge, a super lodge set on the cliff edge facing Ngulia Rhino sanctuary.

It’s a 45minutes drive from Tsavo river gate and Mtito and it’s only by road unless you want to be picked from the Kilaguni airstrip.

Kilaguni Serena lodge, the lodge is Under Serena hotels and Lodges, 30km from Mtito and, the lodge is set at the heart of all attractions you would love.

The water hole at kilaguni lodge attracts hundreds of animals including lions sometimes, At the hotel   Terrace, you can get great shots of pics whilst at the lodge, if weather permits, You will get a rare view of the snow-capped mountain, Kilimanjaro.

Beautiful sunset, Panoramic view of undulating hills of chyulu hills with rugged baldness.

Voyager camp.

Finch Hatton’s luxury tented camp.

Finch Hatton's luxury tented camp

Home and away luxury tented camp.In Tsavo west.

The camp is approximately 65 km from Tito and,  Named after Dennys Finch Hatton the English aristocrat.

I t is under the canopy of Yellow acacia, the place is home and away.

Hippo pools with crocs, birdlife is another level here.

Your holiday destination in Tsavo West, stay at Finch hattons luxury tented camp

Tsavo west national park, Finch Hatton’s.


Self Catering bandas include Kamboyo guest house formerly wardens house, 8, km from Mtito and.

Tsavo west Bandas

Kamboyo guest.

Lake Jipe banda, which is at the shores of Lake Jipe, has got three units each accommodating two pax.

Tsavo west Bandas

Home and away bands Lake Jipe Bandas.

Reservations are done through Kenya wildlife services.


Chyulu campsites 34km from Mtito and, one of the campsites I will recommend big time, hidden 2km from the old chyulu gate.

It has tapped water, Bathrooms, kitchen, and tent shades, the advantage here is that you are in the proximity of any attractions in Tsavo west, 3km to kilaguni lodge. 11km to Mzima springs, less than a kilometer to shetani lava flow.

Lake Jipe campsites, Camping, by the shores of lake hope.

Kamboyo campsite, 2km from the park headquarters, has kitchen shades and water.


Tsavo west is your ideal destination, if running away from winter, this is the place, It’s only between June and September where one can experience some cold but not extreme, a nice jumper for morning game drives and night game drives.


Just note to carry your mosquito repellent lotions, closed shoes to put on in the evening whilst walking to the main restaurant at your camp from your rooms, and spotlights.

African nights in Tsavo west are memorable, sky gazing on clear nights, Roaring lions from a distance, zebras, Elephants, rumbling, hyenas laughing and crickets screeching behind your rooms or tents.

By kibet kipkosgei.